Haarlem oil

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Haarlem oil in 2013
Old german advertisement for Haarlem oil as cure for stomach, gut, liver and bile sickness.

Haarlem oil (Dutch: haarlemmerolie), also called medicamentum gratia probatum, is a dietary supplement. The potion is a mixture of sulfur,[1] herbs and terebinth oil.[2] It is produced in Haarlem, Netherlands.

It was invented in 1696 by Claes Tilly and was marketed as a cure for many ailments.[3][4]

The word haarlemmerolie (with a lowercase 'h') is now used in Dutch to indicate a fix for all problems. For example: "lowering taxes will be like haarlemmerolie for the economy". This is also used sarcastically.[citation needed]

Benefits to race horses -[5]

- Greatly improves the urinary system and removes most toxins in the horse's system.

- Haarlem oil guarantees against infections, such as respiratory, urinary, biliary, and intestinal.

- Naturally stimulates the horse's own hormone secretions without side effects.

- Helps assist the rapid recovery process after the horse competes.

- Fights any and all arthritic actions.


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